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Responsible Gaming

Gambling Responsibly at Red Wind Casino

For most of our guests, a visit to Red Wind Casino is fun. They wager responsibly, enjoy the many games in the casino, the fine restaurants, the entertainment and other amenities found at Red Wind. They have an enjoyable time and maintain an understanding that gambling is only meant to be a form of entertainment and nothing else.

When gambling moves beyond fun and begins to have adverse impacts upon you and your loved ones, the results can be devastating. While these effects can be profound and long-lasting towards the lives of those affected, there is help readily available for any in need.

Nisqually Red Wind Casino is committed towards promoting responsible gaming amongst all of our guests. As such, we offer self-exclusion services for all Nisqually Red Wind Casino visitors. If you feel you are in need of assistance in controlling your gambling activities, simply fill out the linked form and we will make every reasonable effort to prevent you from gambling at our establishment. If you have any further questions, please speak to any of our attendants at the Rewards Club who will be happy to inform you of the next step to take.

Nisqually Tribal Gaming Agency Self-Exclusion Procedure

  • The Nisqually Tribal Gaming Agency will provide the required self-exclusion forms.
  • The guest requesting self-exclusion must complete the entire form with the exception to the signature areas. The process will require a short meeting with this agency and, at that time, the form must be signed in the presence of a Nisqually Tribal Gaming Agent or designee.
  • A current color copy of a driver's license or clearly identifiable photo must accompany the self-exclusion form.
  • The exclusion is in effect immediately upon completion of the form and is irrevocable.
  • All original self-exclusion forms will be maintained by the Nisqually Tribal Gaming Agency.
  • The Nisqually Tribal Gaming Agency shall prohibit the Gaming Facility Operator from paying any hand-paid jackpot to a patron who is on the
    Nisqually Tribal Gaming Agency self-exclusion list. Any jackpot won by a patron on this list will be donated to a tribal, local, or Washington state charity.
  • For any further information, call: 360-486-8504, or e-mail:
Self-Exclusion Form
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