dining specials

We proudly offer a 25% off discount for all active and retired members of the military, as well as for all seniors ages 55 and up.
Pealo's Bar
Pealo’s Bar is BACK, and it’s better than ever in our new smoke-free area! That means now you can order food from the Medicine Creek Deli at Pealo’s Bar to enjoy with your drink completely smoke-free. Step back up to the bar, when you come in for a landing at the all-new Pealo’s Bar.
Blue Camas Buffet
With daily breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet specials, the Blue Camas Buffet is our appetite appeasement attraction. Come to the Camas hungry, and you definitely won't leave the same.
Squalli-Absch Grille
The Grille is a food service oasis for our guests. The Sublime Time and Daily Specials in the Grille cannot be matched for quality at the price. Menu items are reviewed on a regular basis to satisfy the preferences of our guests.
The Medicine Creek Deli
The Medicine Creek Deli provides New York Deli style meals at all hours of casino operations. The specials in the Deli are created to satisfy the unique tastes of all of our guests.